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  • Life Science

  • Earth and Space Science

  • Physical Science


  1. Investigate structure and functions in living systems.

  2. Compare and classify the reproduction and heredity of organisms.

  3. Explore how changing resources will influence the regulation and behavior of organisms.

  4. Explore how different populations determine the formation of an  ecosystem.

  5. Explore the unique characteristics and adaptations of organisms.

  6. Model the structure of the Earth system past and present.

  7. Investigate the Earth in relation to the solar system.

  8. Investigate structure, properties, and changes of matter.

  9. Evaluate the effect of force on the motion of an object.

  10. Examine the transfer of energy in many different forms.



Students will explore structure and function  in living systems, reproduction and heredity, regulation, behavior, populations and ecosystems, diversity and adaptations of organisms, properties and changes of properties in matter, motions, forces, transfer of energy, structure of the earth system, Earth's history, and Earth's in the solar system.

Process Strands, which should be incorporated into all content strands are: Unifying Concepts and Processes, Science in Personal and Social Perspectives, and the History and Nature of Science.

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